AllNet Profile

AllNet Systems designs build and support IT business solutions for medium and small size clients of all fields of activity.

These solutions are tailored to the clients’ specific business needs processes and procedures, in order to enhance its competitive capabilities and operational efficiency.

In addition to a wide variety of top quality software and hardware products and solutions, our offering is based on a cutting edge advanced product and solutions that we initiate and proactively deploy it to our client base.

We carry this offering based on an in-house pre/post sales and support system (designed, build and enhanced by our internal sources for more than ten years of activity) with unique methodologies, procedures, and capabilities.

Also, we have knowledge partnerships and ongoing relationships with the top tier IT and computers companies in Israel.

Our Team and partners

Our core team comprises of 35 employees.

Most of the team is IT professionals, some of them with more than 10 years of experience, service infrastructure experts and sales and business development managers.

As mentioned, we are deeply and comprehensively connected to the top tier software players (like Microsoft) and hardware players. Being updated and trained on the cutting edge innovation services, support mechanisms…

Our Key and Unique capabilities and activities

The main ingredient in AllNet System's Expansion strategy is the leverage of its technical-services platform, being as professional and as advanced, with technologies and operational infrastructures of the highest levels and capabilities (which exist within the biggest IT companies). AllNet allocates that strength into mid and large companies in unique niches -- Based on that, achieving competitive edge on top of the largest and small IT companies alike.

Remote Service Operations – Unique platform which considered as market leader, combines high technological levels and professional knowledge, with advance capabilities and highest QOS.

Anywhere Anytime – continuous connectivity to the Customer's networks, quick servicing at 24/7, "unrestricted" geographical coverage and constant sync to field activities.

Proactive Approach – Allnet'sbusiness concept is based on proactive approach, which dominates all of our activity levels. With that, we gain amplified efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

Agility – AllNet performs as a dynamic system based on deep working processes. We quickly execute complex projects with maximal efficiency while keeping being flexible to customer and field needs.

Smartphones Support Center - AllNet operates advance and highly skilled Remote and Monitoring Service Center for troubleshooting and maintaining smartphones and other smart mobile devices. To that added specially focused security solutions and full professional service process.

Cloud operations - AllNet is an active player in the cloud services business. We had been executing whole cycles of consulting, selling and implementing Cloud projects to wide market segments, using deep knowledge and experience, and self-built Comprehensive strategic database.

Expertize in Mobility - Within the past five years we have develop expertise and vast experience in the Mobility segment. We provide to our clients first-class service solutions by combining cutting-edge technologies, with the most advanced, comprehensive and efficient service system: methodologies, processes, procedure and know how

We have been able to attract few Enterprise clients (leading players in this fast developing arena), and we have initiated many promising of contacts with many other potential enterprise and medium size clients.

Our vision and strategy

AllNet Systems would become and perform as one of the largest players.

It would keep on Vigorously Building and enhancing its unique competitive edge,

based on building and delivering (Hi-End) capabilities, knowledge and infrastructures to the Mid-size market, and developing very Hi-End niches within the giants' arena, however below their radar.

Based on our Core Capabilities, we would establish and enhance 4 pillars of activities:

  1. In the SME market - Implementing and maintaining IT infrastructures.
  2. For Residential - Implementing and maintaining Media Centers and upper scale solutions.
  3. Enterprises - Niche Value added activities (Smart phones monitoring, smart phones Remote services, Security…); Implementingand maintaining IT infrastructures
  4. Recreating the success and evolvement in Israel to foreign markets: Europe and the CEE markets and becoming one of the leading players in the IT services